Fight against poverty at astroGC

As of February 2020, astroGC made the decision to sponsor a girl child in India.

We decided to do that through Vicente Ferrer fundation. This fundation makes a point of involving people in their own change.

Humanitarian Aid

Thanks to astroGC sponsor T.S., born in 2011, receives education and her and her family have access to healthcare. Also, she have access to a savings account and she will not get married before 18 years old.

We took this decision right before the COVID pandemic and this was obviously not a good time for us. Nevertheless, we managed to carry on with this and we have no plans to discontinue the sponsor.

Many thanks to our guests. Especially to those who let us know they are happy with our excursion, which encourage us and make the whole project possible.

If you wish to know more about Vicente Ferrer fundation, follow the link attached to the logo hereby.

Vicente Ferrer Fundation