Photography in Gran Canaria

The island of Gran Canaria is a privileged destination to dedicate yourself to photography if you live this hobby with passion. I show below several photographs corresponding to very different landscapes. As you can see, photography in Gran Canaria is a very rewarding activity.

Variety of photographic experiences in Gran Canaria

Perfect light photography

The multitude of landscapes and microclimates makes it possible to take dream photographs, especially taking advantage of the morning light on the east coast of the island, and of the evening light on the west coast of the island.

See Arinaga light house on googlemap

On your excursions around the island, you will discover dream places from where you will be able to take the perfect cliché.

Unpopulated areas in Gran Canaria

For some photographs of totally unpopulated landscapes, it will be necessary to do the activity on your own, and access the place by your own means, usually walking.

At the top of Amurga, after several hours walking from the tourist area of Bahía Feliz, it is possible to observe how the Hondo ravine opens up:

See Barranco Hondo upper part, Amurga on googlemap

Photographs of unpopulated beach, whether with calm or rough weather, will undoubtedly be very striking.

See Güigüi beach on googlemap

Abrupt relief

The very abrupt relief of the inland areas of the island allows you to take photographs of great quality. The mountains of "Roque Nublo" or "Roque Bentaiga" with the island of Tenerife in the background allow to take impressive pictures.

See Bentaiga on googlemap

See Roque Nublo on googlemap


Gran Canaria inland

There are many companies offering tours from Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés and other tourist areas like Puertorico to the mountainous areas of Gran Canaria.

See Fortaleza de Ansite on googlemap

Before sunset

The excursion organized by astroGC includes a stop at the Mirador del Mulato from where it is possible to take pictures of the last rays of sunset bathing the Mogan ravine.

See Montaña Vinagreras on googlemap

At sunset, the west coast of the island offers sunsets over the sea and high cliffs.

See Mirador del Balcón on googlemap


Coastal cliff

In many coastal places of the island, the sea has eroded the volcanic rock to form caves and stone arches.

Los azulejos

The area called "Los Azulejos, in the southwest of the island offers a rock with striking colors of ocher and blue tones. It is also an area with numerous puddles after heavy rains.


See another island from Gran Canaria

The island of Gran Canaria is the only island of the archipelago from which you can see all the Canary Islands, although I personally have seen all of them except the island of La Palma. At the summit of Gran Canaria, on moderately clear days, you can clearly see the peak of Teide, on the island of Tenerife.

Night photography in Gran Canaria

For lovers of night photography, the center and east of the island of Gran Canaria offer ideal places to take a good picture.

See La Aldea de San Nicolas beach on googlemap

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Warm thanks to Pino Gonalsor and Antonio Naranjo for their contribution to the photos in this section.